Adam Goodes: The Other Side


Mr Boyle,

Good sir, I have noticed your support for Adam Goodes via Facebook recently and thought I might offer my perspective.

I have not attended an AFL match this year, but if I did attend a Sydney match and Adam Goodes was playing I would most certainly ‘boo’ him. Here’s why:

– He’s a racist scumbag. This is a man that advocates constitutional law changes which would see Australians governed under different laws dependant upon their race. This is pretty much the textbook definition of racism I would’ve thought.

– He offended millions of Australians (of all races) when he got on the platform for his Australian of the year speech and spewed vile, anti Australian, far left bullshit propaganda.

– Surely an Australian of the year would have positive things to say about this great country and at least attempt to unite the people of this great land? A good Australian of the year would do that, Adam Goodes, nope he’d rather inflame a race war.

– If Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten or whatever Stalinist muppet that runs the greens party played footy they would get booed too. People dislike politicians, people dislike politicians that hold contrary views to their own even more! Goodes went political, he now reaps the consequences of becoming a quasi politician instead of a pure footballer.

– Goodes is the biggest sook and victim monger i have ever seen emerge in my lifetime. He is a Multi millionaire , owns several luxury houses in great suburbs , drives the best cars, can send his kids (if he has any) to the top private schools. He has more than wealth than 99.95% of Australians, yet he’s still pushing the agenda that he’s the poor marginalised ‘indigenous’ man getting kicked in the guts by big bad whitey. Give me a fucken break! And he’s a supreme athlete that weighs 105kg, he’s as far from a victim as anyone can get.

– He vilified and publicly humiliated a 13 year old girl on a national scale. Racism is not acceptable at any age, if what that girl said was racist then she should cop an appropriate reprimand. What Goodes did to her was the equivalent of dropping an A bomb on an ants nest.

– He plays the game of afl football in the worst way. He drops sly knees into the opposition, jabs them under the packs, stages for free kicks and verbally abuses teammates and opposition players.

I boo Adam Goodes, the reasons listed above are why I do. Please see the list below for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the fact to why I boo him.
– He’s an aboriginal.
– His skin is a darker shade than mine

I would like to end on a question that no-one has bothered to ask or answer in the public forum. But before I do, let me say that the scariest book I’ve ever read is George Orwell’s ‘1984’, absolutely terrifying.

My question to all the left wing, out of touch, panel riding, totalitarian latte sipping crowd out there who denounce the booing of Adam Goodes. Do they seriously think they’re going to sit there in their ivory towers and try to tell me that when I go to the football I only have permission to boo white players?

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