We Forge Our Bodies in the Fire of the Pizza Oven

Les Lothringer, eminiently quotable member of the gym at which I work, recently suggested that it is  better to focus on ‘Kissing pretty girls, rather than beating up ugly men.’ I liked this, and threatened to make note of it on my blog. Happily, he then emailed me some dietary advice which I think is well suited to general posterity. I hope you will enjoy the following fruits of Mr Lothringer’s wisdom. 

Some choice quotes for you, since you are a collector of quotes.  Feel free to quote me, referenced of course.  I  have made a study of food over many decades, have worked out in gyms for some 44 years and I say that the key to health starts and finishes in the kitchen.
1. We forge our bodies in the fires of the pizza oven.
A statement on the reality that most people’s diets are less disciplined than their workout routines and they more than likely rely on exercise to enable them to eat more and eat the wrong foods.  When you are younger, you can get away with it, but ….
Result: Like running a motorcar engine on high octane for too long, it wears out prematurely.  So, such an approach to exercise accelerates aging and I note female aerobic instructors, going back over ten years who have done just that.  Their face lifts cannot compensate for an aged neck – cannot surgically correct a lined, aged neck.
Many of the diets of personal trainers are seriously wrong and they will discover this in 10+ years time, assuming they are around 30 now.  Eating to charge themselves up or satisfy their pallet – again the high octane / personal preference approach.  They talk the talk, do not walk the walk.

Very few male trainers are cut lean.  One does not need to be excessively muscular but most of them are just plain fat – BMI >>> 21.
2. The Prayer of the Righteous Man
The path of the righteous man is beset upon all sides by the iniquities of selfish processed food companies and the tyranny of evil and nefarious food industry executives.
Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, understands the perversions of the government sponsored Food Pyramid as it is widely promoted as healthy and of benefication to us all, yet indeed shall its guidance perpetrate a grievous harm unto thy lost sheep, for they do indeed dwell in darkness.
So shall I shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness, for I am truly My brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children as I do promote the eating of raw unprocessed vegetables and raw fatty fish like salmon and tuna and lightly grilled sardines, all without the very delicious condiments of modern living nor with slices of avocado drizzled and with Olive Oil, yet rich in Omega 3 fats and devoid of Omega 6 fatty acids that do mine and my brothers’ arteries much harm and so do bring about their health to an untimely end of despair and misery.
But being a mere minnow am I unable to strike down those who would do us such grievous harm and so lay upon them a great vengeance and furious anger against those who would poison and destroy Myself and My brothers with the products of the industrialized food industry, for their wickedness is beyond measure and their perversions know no bound.
Regards … Les Lothringer

2 Responses to “We Forge Our Bodies in the Fire of the Pizza Oven”

  1. Julie Hock Says:

    verily verily, this is the truth. Not only does one have to talk the talk, but walk the walk!

  2. Adding to the wise Mr. Lothringer’s comments I would also say that when a client has finished a training session there should be some evidence of effort made i.e. some sweat and fatigue. Too often I see the princesses with full makeup intact and flashing multitudes of diamond rings (no place in the gym for that) unmarked by sweat and every hair in place. In grumpy old lady fashion I wonder why they bother to even turn up for “training” (for which they pay.) Is it the kudos, or the fashion? Or would it be the “trainer” who takes no responsible role in his career?

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