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‘John’ Wayne Parr versus Pavlos Kaponis

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FightLive Magazine, June/July 2016

Pavlos Kaponis is ready, hungry and looking for blood.

“John Wayne Parr is famous not only in Australia, but also all around the world and this is respectful,” says Pavlos, starting out with a congenial foot forward. “In Greece, we know him very good from the fight that has given with Mike Zambidis. Especially from the last one that Zambidis lost by KO. However, these fights were K1 [rules].” Continue reading

Brad Riddell: House on Fire

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

Brad Riddell’s first fight took place under unusual circumstances.

“I was supposed to fight a guy from Nelson [New Zealand’s southern island] but got a call from the guys from the gym the day of the weigh-in, saying he had been arrested and sent to gaol for trying to light his ex-girlfriend’s house on fire.” Continue reading

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