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In the Hands of the Judges: Ben Cartlidge

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Fight! Magazine, Feb/March 2016

Ben Cartlidge understands judging. That assertion is backed up by the largest MMA organizations worldwide: Cage Warriors in the UK, KSW in Poland and, of course, the mighty UFC. Continue reading

Christian Ennor

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I am lucky enough to have Christian Ennor holding pads for me. He is among the best pad holders I have worked with; he is systematic and understands not only how fights work, but how to train for them.

One of the things I admire most about him – other than his insight into the intricacies of fighting – is his physical courage. He always positions himself in such a way that I can get maximum leverage and power into my strikes, which is always at his expense. That kind of self-sacrifice is emblematic of the very best trainers.

He is also proof that a great trainer needs intelligence and insight every bit as much as experience.     Continue reading

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