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Millad Farzad: The Sky’s the Limit

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Nemesis 3 Muay Thai

International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2014

Most under-age kids are trying to forge a fake ID in order to go clubbing. Millad Farzad had plans far more distinct than that and, as it turns out, far more successful. Continue reading

R.I.P Ramon Dekkers

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Last Session at Golden Glory 016

Ramon Dekkers is one of the greats of Muay Thai; probably the greatest Westerner to ever don the Mongkon. He had two hundred fights for one hundred and seventy-five wins, which would probably have been an even greater number had he not taken so many fights back-to-back with as little as a week in between.

Sadly, Dekkers died today, aged 43. He made a massive contribution to my fighting and training life; he and his father Cor Hemmers made my experience of living and training in the Netherlands fantastic.

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