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Andrew Roubas: The Art of the Empty Hand

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Shihan Andrew Roubas with Soshihan Gonnohyoe Yamamoto

Shihan Andrew Roubas (left) with Soshihan Gonnohyoe Yamamoto

Blitz Magazine, Volume 29, No. 4, April 2015

Like all practitioners whose life has been dedicated to their art, Shihan Andrew Roubas, eighth Dan in Goju Ryu Karate, becomes philosophical when making sense of it. Continue reading

Martin Day

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Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Vol.28, No.11, November 2014

Combat Karate is a truly modern martial art that integrates skills and techniques from a variety of styles, based on founder Martin Day’s considerable experience in the fighting arts. Few instructors can claim a pedigree equal to Martin’s. Day served in the British Army for twenty years before founding his own style.

“I can’t say everything for security reasons,” says Martin at the outset of our discussion, “Because I signed the ‘Official Secrets Act’ when I left the British Army.” Continue reading

Reality-Based Self Defence: Scenario Training – 5

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Blitz Magazine, September 2014 Vol. 28. No.9

“Competition sport has protected us from the ugly reality,” says Tim Larkin, founder of Target Focus Training. “Last I checked, the UFC has 31 rules, and 27 of them are pertaining to injury to the human body. Continue reading

Reality-Based Self Defense: Scenario Training – 1

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Blitz Magazine, September 2014 Vol. 28. No.9

Nearly all of the world’s top self-defence instructors advocate some sort of stress-inoculation training. The logic is that in order to know your technique will work under pressure, you must test yourself beforehand. That said, how does scenario training affect trainees mentally, and is it really necessary? After all, many have successfully defended themselves without having done a minute’s scenario training, and some report traumatic responses afterwards. JARROD BOYLE investigates. Continue reading

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