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Twisted Valentine

Posted in Love letters, poetry, sonnet with tags , , , , on February 14, 2019 by Jarrod Boyle

Tattoos and piercings lodged in the weave of her becoming

A pale flame that undulates from my hips towards the ceiling

She feels like mine but is held within the darkness’ grip

Its heavy fingers printed in the slats between her ribs

I want to reach up inside and touch her deep as she can take

But the one who came before me is coiled there like a snake

Suddenly cruel, I insinuate the word ‘love’ into her ear

It is the single weapon I have that will cut into her

At the impact of my cruelty her groan shatters into a cry

And I see the truth congealed upon the mirror of her eye

Satisfied, I watch the tracking of a single salty tear

As it snakes along her cheek to hide in the hair below her ear

I apologize in a voice almost innocent of the lie

But if I couldn’t make her love me then at least I made her cry.

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