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Andre Meunier – K-Energy

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Andre ‘The Mad Man’ Meunier: appropriately labelled and packaged for Japanese fans.

Andre Meunier, Victoria’s number-one heavyweight kickboxer, is hitting his straps. He’s just come back from a win in Japan where he was the intro for the two most significant heavyweights in the history of the sport, might do a it of boxing, enjoys a spot of MMA in his time off, has opened a tattoo parlour in Windsor and likes a bit of speedway racing when the opportunity presents itself. He tells Theme Park at its Darkest all about it.

So… how did it go? Continue reading

Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A Novel

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As Wally ground his cigarette butt into the mound of ash and picked up his keys, Pat took stock of the framed poster that hung behind the bar. A 5X3-foot Ramones Australian Tour poster, framed, the image of the eagle clutching the baseball bat partially obscured by the sheen of artificial lights on the glass. Continue reading

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