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Chris Bradford Versus Steve McKinnon: Powerplay 36

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Chris Bradford meets one of the world’s best cruiserweight kickboxers on Saturday, May 12 of next year. He sits down to tell JARROD BOYLE all about it. Continue reading

Chris Bradford

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Chris Bradford is headlining the fourth instalment of the Prestige Fight Series on October 15. He takes a turn around the Theme Park to talk injury, retirement and the ongoing thrill of the chase. Continue reading

Cain Brunton

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

Victoria doesn’t have a reputation as a hot-bed of Thai Boxing culture; rather, it is traditionally held as the stomping-ground of kickboxing. Cain ‘Insane’ Brunton is working to change that, one fight at a time. He tells JARROD BOYLE about his recent WMC State Title win and the possibilities it has opened up for him, including a spot on JWP’s Caged Muay Thai, a promotion as Queensland-crazy as anyone could hope to get. Continue reading

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