Ronda Rousey: The Movie

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“Women have soap operas; men have wrestling.”

–  Ringside wrestling fan quoted in the documentary, ‘Beyond the Mat.’ Continue reading

Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A Novel

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“Hello, mate,” said Pat, “I’m from New Breed Security. They’ve sent me down to work tonight?” Cro-mag #1 returned the handshake but didn’t have much to say. Both doormen wore black slacks and tight Bonds t-shirts that hugged every bloated distention of their body-builder physiques. Their arms hung away from their torsos, as if they were holding cantaloupes in their armpits.   Continue reading

Ben Edwards – Glory 24

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I thought you’d given kickboxing away and gone to boxing?

I did – and I was going to have a break from everything! I was just burnt out from eleven years of constantly having a fight coming up. We got an offer from Glory – which we respectfully declined – and they countered with a generous pay increase and a two fight contract (outside of tournament) for that money and, with the US dollar falling my pay is increasing by the day… so we just said, ‘Give us a date and we will be there’. Continue reading

Theme Parks and Ostacle Courses – a Novel

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Pat bounced a ball on the line. It came up again, but not like a yo-yo, the way Wally’s had. This was unsettling, so he clutched it in his fist, threw it up and hit it gingerly. It lobbed over the net and landed just outside of the service box. Continue reading

Sam Ballantyne: Western Australian WBC Champion

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So, what’s been going on since we spoke last ?

Since the last interview, I’ve had 2 fights. The first was in Bangkok at the IFMA 2015 Royal World Cup. I drew a Russian, Nadir Ishakov. A very lanky southpaw – your typical nightmare fight. He was about a foot taller; it was horrible! Continue reading

Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A Novel

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“You want to serve?” asked Wally, circling his end of the court.

“I’d much rather see you try it,” said Pat, smug. Continue reading

When Will the Mainstream Media Approach Combat Sports from the Head, Rather Than the Ass?

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I am currently traveling in Europe, and news reached me that Australia has had a sudden change of prime ministers. Eager to share in the good news, I googled The Age Newspaper Online.

In addition to reports on the change of leadership, I discovered there was an article about the press conference for UFC 193, due to be held in Melbourne on November 15. Continue reading


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