The Dark Side of Unconditional Love

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It is said that unconditional love is the kind of love we should aspire to; it’s the state of loving in which you love someone, regardless of whether they love you in return, or even treat you well. It is to achieve a state of selflessness as a result of your feelings.

It has occurred to me that this is not always a good thing. Continue reading

High on Fire

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The rumors are true…





Doomsday Preparation and Reality-Based Self-Defence

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Jarrah Loh being throttled by Royce Gracie

Jarrah Loh being throttled by Royce Gracie

“Doomsday preppers and people like that… they want someone to kidnap their kids so they can go kick some ass.”

-Jarrah Loh, editor of International Kickboxer and Fight! Magazine speaking on the subject of ‘extreme’ members of the martial arts community.



RIP Tommy Ramone

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The last original member of The Ramones has left this mortal coil.

See ya later, Tommy.

Kafka’s Mouse and Bukowski’s Bluebird

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Book maze

I read Kafka’s The Trial earlier in the year, and it was a boring read that paid off in a big way by the end. Continue reading

Autobiography of a Loser

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A lot of people think Charles Bukowski’s Ham on Rye is his best novel. Continue reading

Balance: Shannon ‘Shaggy’ King

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International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2014

Shannon “Shaggy” King is a man whose biggest fight has been to strike the ideal balance between working and fighting. Continue reading


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