An Open Letter to Hannah Gadsby

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I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your show, ‘Nanette.’ You don’t see a lot of genuinely incendiary stuff anymore. Incendiary and vital. Continue reading


Death Symbols

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Above: ‘Punisher’ emblem on RAAF Wedgetail surveillance plane.

“Such symbology… is always ill-considered and implicitly encourages the inculcation of an arrogant hubris.”

Lieutenant General Angus Cameron, chief of defence elect on his decision to ban the use of skulls, crossbones, The Punisher Logo, Grim Reaper and Spartan emblems amongst armed forces.  


“We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!”

Colonel Walter Kurtz, Apocalypse Now.

Sara’s Geometry

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She comes among us

where we are marooned on mats

She passes through the ocean of whiteness

dressed in olive and black Continue reading

Her Absence

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Her absence

luscious and pendulous

rhythmic and sussurant

respires beside me in the darkness Continue reading

Okinawa Calling: Sensei Damien Martin on Rediscovering the Roots of Karate

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Blitz Magazine, Volume 31, Number 6 December 2017/January 2018

Okinawa is the birthplace of karate. Japan’s fifth-largest prefecture was a cauldron of conflict during the second world war and is now a bucolic territory, known to boast one of the largest populations of centenarians in the world. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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I don’t believe in threats. A threat is specific, and knowable. It comes from you, and it’s contained and bordered by words. Fear, however, is personal. It’s amorphous and endless. Like a gas, it expands to fill a space.

“You’re done! You’re done!” said the others.

“I’m done when I say I’m done,” I replied, trying to find his eye. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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Jester Mitolo Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale, South Australia.

She never loved you.  

Further down, Kaysler Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley.

She never loved you.  

In the next rack, Saltram’s Barossa Shiraz.

She never loved you.

I opted for the Kaysler. Continue reading

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