Fighting in Public Places

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Maybe she didn’t love me. Worse, all those times we lay in each other’s arms at night, she may have just been doing that so I’d keep paying her registration fees and mobile phone bills. Continue reading


Fighting in Public Places

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Night. A depthless, crystalline dark. I was lighting candles when the phone rang.

“Hey Monkey,” I said, “How’s it going?”  Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and the Crime She Committed Against Her Own Face

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We met at the gym. I can remember a number of occasions I had seen her before we spoke, and she flowed inside the parameters of her name. Continue reading

Chris Bradford Versus Steve McKinnon: Powerplay 36

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Chris Bradford meets one of the world’s best cruiserweight kickboxers on Saturday, May 12 of next year. He sits down to tell JARROD BOYLE all about it. Continue reading

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Ben Edwards is a beast. After making a significant impression on international heavyweight boxing and kickboxing, he is poised to make an elephantine splash at the deep end of the swimming pool of MMA. He fights Westside MMA stalwart Jeremy Joiner this Friday night in Canberra on Monaro Fight Circuit 26. Continue reading

Morbid Love

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The thought of publishing this on my blog made me sick. Continue reading

Morbid Love

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I had met her ex. He was the ugliest man I had ever seen in my life. Continue reading

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