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Reality-Based Self Defence: Scenario Training – 2

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Blitz Magazine, September 2014 Vol. 28. No.9

“Senshido is not a style or system as such,” begins Jimmy Armstrong, the Glen Waverly-based instructor who also teaches Lee Morrison’s Urban Combatives. “It’s more a collective group of people that really want to help others and we use the vehicle of self-protection to do that. A lot of people seem to think it’s a style [or] system and all we do is shred people and do scenario training to the ‘nth’ degree, but what we do is far bigger than just those two things.” Continue reading

Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini

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Castagnini commentary

Mark Castagnini is one of the key players in Australian Thai boxing. Beginning his career as a fighter, he went through traditional martial arts before taking up Thai boxing almost by accident and discovering that it bought him to the ultimate test of his training. From there, he has been involved with developing and disseminating the sport at every level, editing International Kickboxer Magazine, working as a commentator alongside Michael Schiavello on Foxsports, promoting events and running his own martial arts academy, Hammer’s Gym. Mark spends a little time telling us about his passion for the sport, what its Australian roots are and the directions the branches are moving in. Continue reading

The Power Source: The Squat

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Blitz Magazine, August 2012

The squat, with or without weight, is one of the fundamental movement patterns and is referred to by many as ‘the King of Exercises’. It develops mighty posterior chain strength and can be made more specific, depending on where you position the load. Continue reading

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