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Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini

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Castagnini commentary

Mark Castagnini is one of the key players in Australian Thai boxing. Beginning his career as a fighter, he went through traditional martial arts before taking up Thai boxing almost by accident and discovering that it bought him to the ultimate test of his training. From there, he has been involved with developing and disseminating the sport at every level, editing International Kickboxer Magazine, working as a commentator alongside Michael Schiavello on Foxsports, promoting events and running his own martial arts academy, Hammer’s Gym. Mark spends a little time telling us about his passion for the sport, what its Australian roots are and the directions the branches are moving in. Continue reading

Full Thai: Tommy Murray

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International Kickboxer Magazine, November/December 2011

Tommy Murray is that rarity; a Victorian fighter who specialises in Full Thai Rules. He holds a swag of titles, among them a couple of WMC belts. His biggest challenge-to-date will be when he fights Ben Mahoney in front of a home-town crowd in Shepparton, Victoria on September 10. Mahoney will be representing JWP’s Boonchu gym, possibly the most venerated Thaiboxing gym in the nation. Tommy gives JARROD BOYLE the rundown in the last days before the fight of his life.  Continue reading

Slowinski's Perfect Training

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.17, No.1

Paul Slowinski is a more complete and successful heavyweight fighter than any other our region has produced. He has been a world Muay Thai Champion who trained extensively in Thailand and, in the last few years, has been taken under the wing of the most successful champion in K1 history, Ernesto Hoost. On Saturday February 18, a group of students at Melbourne’s best new gym, Hammer’s Gym in Blackburn, got the opportunity to find out what makes a champion when Paul taught a seminar. We got a chance to see what Hoost has been putting him through, but also got the opportunity to measure up against Australia’s best heavyweight. Continue reading

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