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Kickboxing Showreel – Updated

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My updated kickboxing showreel, courtesy of Nick Moore. He’s been joking about making a version where I sustain all the hits. Probably not a bad idea – there’s probably more than a few people who would enjoy it.

Full Thai: Tommy Murray

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International Kickboxer Magazine, November/December 2011

Tommy Murray is that rarity; a Victorian fighter who specialises in Full Thai Rules. He holds a swag of titles, among them a couple of WMC belts. His biggest challenge-to-date will be when he fights Ben Mahoney in front of a home-town crowd in Shepparton, Victoria on September 10. Mahoney will be representing JWP’s Boonchu gym, possibly the most venerated Thaiboxing gym in the nation. Tommy gives JARROD BOYLE the rundown in the last days before the fight of his life.  Continue reading

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