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Gary Palmer

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Blitz Magazine, December 2014

For Gary Palmer, martial arts have been part of his life for as long as he can remember.

“I started with boxing,” says Gary, “I grew up with it. I come from a boxing family. My grandfather was Dave Palmer, who was both heavy and light-heavyweight champion of Australia. He held several titles – that was back in the days when they weren’t so strict about weight; they let you fight up a division. Continue reading

Cheryl Lynch-Gardner and the Red Brigade

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Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Vol.28, No.11, November 2014

“The problem in India is not that there are rapists,” says Cheryl Lynch-Gardner, co-founder of Budo-Ryu Kempo. “[Here in Australia there are] Rape Crisis Centers, counseling; there is a system. There’s no damn system over there.”

Cheryl’s involvement in the martial arts has led to her from Sydney’s western suburbs, halfway around the world to teach self-defense to Indian women. It seems like a practical fix for a universal problem, but in the macro, Cheryl’s work is part of a widespread effort to turn the tides of history and culture, one person at a time. Continue reading

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