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A Eulogy For the Scariest Spectacle in Rock

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“…The scariest spectacle in rock is Slayer, the Rolling Stones of the new American metal.”

– Los Angeles Times, 1991

Every real band has done a classic album tour. While limited to North America, Slayer did a series of dates playing their seminal thrash album, Reign in Blood, in its entirety. The performance reached its climax when the stage and musicians were immersed in a torrential downpour of blood. Continue reading

‘…Like Clockwork’

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“My whole life, I’ve always wanted to be un-hecklable, you know? …I remember staring into GBH [record] covers, Exploited covers, Black Flag covers and just thinking, ‘Go for it, man…’ You know, getting that feeling in your stomach when you leave a first date… I’m just looking for that. I hope I can give that to somebody, somewhere.”

–       Josh Homme, NME interview, Paris Continue reading

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