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A Eulogy for the Scariest Spectacle in Rock

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“I had moved past the casual carnage that was so prevalent in the books I’d conceived in my twenties, past the severed heads and the soup made of blood and the woman vaginally penetrated with her own rib.

“Exploring that kind of violence had been “interesting” and “exciting” and it was all “metaphorical” anyway – at least to me at that moment in my life, when I was young and pissed off and had not yet grasped my own mortality, a time when physical pain and real suffering held no meaning for me.”

– Bret Easton Ellis,

Lunar Park. Continue reading

A Eulogy For the Scariest Spectacle in Rock

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“…The scariest spectacle in rock is Slayer, the Rolling Stones of the new American metal.”

– Los Angeles Times, 1991

Every real band has done a classic album tour. While limited to North America, Slayer did a series of dates playing their seminal thrash album, Reign in Blood, in its entirety. The performance reached its climax when the stage and musicians were immersed in a torrential downpour of blood. Continue reading

Jeff Hanneman: RIP

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One year on today.

Still Reigning.

Jeff Hanneman – Obituary

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imagesJeff Hanneman’s obituary, as published in ‘The Guardian’. A suitably loquacious obit about the lion’s share of the creative brains that will drive Slayer into the pantheon of rock and roll greats.



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Jeff Hanneman, guitarist of the magnificent, soaring, crushing, excoriating speed metal band Slayer, has died aged 49.

One of the high points of my kickboxing career was walking out to the song ‘Dissident Aggressor’ from South of Heaven.

I trained to it this morning.

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