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A Eulogy for the Scariest Spectacle in Rock

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“I had moved past the casual carnage that was so prevalent in the books I’d conceived in my twenties, past the severed heads and the soup made of blood and the woman vaginally penetrated with her own rib.

“Exploring that kind of violence had been “interesting” and “exciting” and it was all “metaphorical” anyway – at least to me at that moment in my life, when I was young and pissed off and had not yet grasped my own mortality, a time when physical pain and real suffering held no meaning for me.”

– Bret Easton Ellis,

Lunar Park. Continue reading

Alex Perekrest and Red Giant – 4

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You posted a very interesting article about Jason Everman, a former guitar player for both Nirvana and Soundgarden who, after his tenure concluded with both those bands, joined the special-forces and served in a number of theatres of war. He described war as being a ‘theatre of schooling for the heart.’ What do you think about that? Continue reading

The Devil’s Music

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One of my absolute favourite pieces of writing – ever – is William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Please check it out at the link – the text has been  reproduced with some of Blake’s actual illustrations. Continue reading

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