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Lady Gaga: Magnificently Ugly

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If Hollywood filmmaking is spellcasting, A Star Is Born seduced me absolutely. Continue reading

Rousey and Zingano – Feminist Warriors?

Posted in fighting, Pretensions toward cultural theory, Real Men with tags , , , , , on March 24, 2015 by Jarrod Boyle

The weigh-in for the recent Ronda Rousey / Cat Zingano fight on UFC 184 was not only exciting, but also instructive on the subject of sexual politics. Continue reading

Sam's Comment, or Showing Jarrod Who's Boss

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Every time a woman responds to something I have written on this blog relating to feminism, she claims she can’t understand it [see ‘Why I do Not Call Myself a Feminist]. I think Sam’s comment, however, is the most astute and insightful I have received here. I wanted to feature it as a post in its own right – because of its perspicacity, but also because I guess I need to talk about the grinding of this particular axe.  Continue reading

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